Start of a new era

It’s the start of a new era, both for this blog and for me as a quilter.

I used to have a blog to keep track of my knitting and beading and some of my life goings on and I stopped updating that quite a few years ago. I…kind of…miss that. So, projects. Probably a lot of sewing projects here, mixed with some knitting projects since that’s primarily what I’m doing these days – sewing and knitting.

On knitting, I’ve worked my way through various techniques and patterns and am fairly confident in tackling it all. With sewing, even though I’ve been sewing off and on for the last 20 years, I don’t feel as advanced as my years of sewing would suggest. I think it’s because I’ve only pulled out my sewing periodically, like every few years. I’ve sewn more in the last five years or so thanks to quilting. There’s still a lot to learn

In those twenty years, I’d been sewing on an old (“old”) Singer that my mom bought in the late 1980s. We weren’t rich by any means and I’m sure she researched and bought the best machine that we could afford at the time. This machine is an extension of me at this point. However, as someone who has mainly sewn quilts that were in the twin/queen size range, maneuvering them through the throat of the machine has not always been a good time. After some research and deliberating, yesterday a new machine arrived: the Juki TL2010Q.


I was working from home on Friday and waiting impatiently for FedEx to deliver the machine. Upon logging off work, I sat down and started getting the machine set up. I sewed a couple of test pieces and then shoved a queen sized WIP in and got started. This is a queen sized quilt that is already bound off. I had stitched in the ditch around the blocks but there was additional quilting work that I wanted to do but hadn’t because I was so frustrated trying to move it around the machine.


The thing about the actual quilting for me is that it will aggravate my left wrist. This is the wrist that about ten years ago, I was knitting up a storm and started experiencing some repetitive stress. So, sew a little, take a break. Sew a little, go get dinner. Still, at the end of the evening, my wrist hurt and I have a wrist brace on as I type.

I was away for the weekend and was able to give my hand a break so I’m trying really hard to step away from the machine after a little bit. This quilt is moving along! My upcoming summer project is quilting a king sized quilt.


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