Progressing on the quilt


When I bought my new Juki TL2010Q, I was concerned about whether or not a king size quilt can fit comfortable in it. Well, I’ve gotten started on my quilting and yes, it can! As with most home machines, you’re limited in how much room you have to move that quilt around.

What I found worked best was to sew in a small area and making sure to keep the quilt supported. King size quilts are HEAVY! I’m very happy with the quilting for now. I’m getting ready to switch designs and maybe add some wavy swirls and trying to figure out how much movement that involves.

The Juki is definitely easier to quilt on than my old Singer since it has the extended table and a larger throat. It certainly doesn’t beat a long arm or even a mid arm but for an affordable at home machine that doesn’t take up a whole room, I’m very happy with it. I’ll just keep quilting along!


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