An appreciation for hand sewing

The last few months have been hectic. I’ve packed up and moved and unpacked and dealt with all sorts of issues in the new house. In early January, I packed up my projects and sewing machines and they’re still mostly still packed. I’ve unpacked my containers of scraps and the Penrose quilt but for the machines are still sitting in their cases.

Some time last month, I was really itching to sew on something and pulled out Penrose to work on. Penrose is an English paper piecing project due to all its sharp corners and it was incredibly soothing…once I cut out more template pieces and could continue on sewing.

Last week, I decided to work on a slightly different project. I had bought some cotton lawn to make a couple of chemises. I still didn’t have my sewing machine set up but I decided that I would go ahead and hand stitch it all together. There was nothing super complicated about the construction since I’d already made one from some quilting cotton. I’ve never hand sewn a garment before so I thought that this would be a good practice. I plan on wearing these to bed as pajamas and if needed, under a more see through dress so no one is really looking at my hand stitching.

Sure stitching by hand is slower than by machine. A side seam that I could pin and sew on a machine in 5 minutes would take a couple of hours by hand. But you know, I’ve been slowing down and enjoying the process! It’s not taking me days to sew up a seam and in the end, I will know the work and effort that went into it. Once the seams are sewn up, I’m also sewing them down by hand.

I find the hand stitching to be incredibly soothing, especially finishing off the raw edges. There is something very relaxing about bringing the order of a finished edge to the chaos of the raw, fraying seam that goes into my enjoyment of the process.

There’s still a lot of little things to do around the house as we settle in but taking the time to slowly sew up an article of clothing and turn raw materials into a finished item has been great to help me relax and step away from all of the chores!


One thought on “An appreciation for hand sewing

  1. I find hand stitching soothing too. I feel that I have more control. My great grandmother said I couldn’t use a machine until I mastered my stitches. To this day I think of her every time I do extensive hand work!


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