April Goals

For many years, I’ve always had many many projects going at once. Don’t get me wrong, I still do! As I’ve gotten older, I’ve started to focus on one or two projects though start-itis still rears its head periodically. Still, making a list of all of the WIPs can be a little overwhelming!

This month, I’m trying something new. I am making three project goals. The first goal is a larger project that I can work on and hopefully finish or do a large percentage of. The second goal is a small project that should only take a couple of days to do. The third goal is to make sure I work on one of my long term projects. This might change each month as I figure out what works for me but I hope this will keep me more focused in completing things instead of letting them languish!

My Project List for April

Sure, the month is half over but I started this list after the month began! And as of the time of this post, I’ve finished the two chemises, even without a sewing machine! After that, I ended up making the pin cushions that I wanted to do!

What I’ve learned from this month of craft goal setting is that depending on the goals, I may want to add in “Reach goals”. Some things like starting a quilt top from scratch may take more than a month. Something like pin cushions may only take an evening and I may end up with extra time after I’ve accomplished my goals. Having reach goals would help me to prioritize various works in progress and projects that I have materials for and are ready to get started on and to clear through it all.


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