Progress report, week 19

I keep looking at my crafty to do list and wonder how it is that it never gets any shorter! It’s definitely motivating me to keep working on things! So what did I do this week?

I finished my gloves! Gloves are always fiddly because of the start and stop of fingers and all of the ends I need to weave in but at least the fingers knit up fast. Overall, this turned out really well and I’m very excited to wear them next winter. The yarn is warm and squishy. When knitting these gloves, I erred on the side of slightly longer on the hand and fingers because that bothers me less than if the hand and fingers are too short. Project details are as follows:

  • Pattern: Managing Your Flamingo
  • Yarn: Neighborhood Fiber Co Capital Luxury Sport (that yummy merino/cashmere/nylon blend)
  • Needle: US2 (2.75mm)
Finished gloves!

After the gloves, I started in on the project that scared me the most – dress alteration. But I started ripping out seams and basting up pieces! As of this writing, I have the side seams taken in. The bodice and lining are basted to each other for easier handling. I had basted the bodice to the skirt to try on and have come to the conclusion that I need to a good amount of fabric to shorten the skirt to the length I want. Before ripping out any seams, the skirt dragged on the ground. The fabric is probably some sort of rayon and very drapey so it’s annoying to handle. There is a lot of pinning and then hand basting parts into place. While I would prefer to cut the fabric after I had everything sewn together, it’s too difficult to work with if I don’t cut that it has to be done.

Bodice, all pinned and hand basted

The next couple of days, I’ll be finishing up this dress and then moving onto the next item on my to do list!


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